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Hi, I’m Xyza  and this is an all-in-one blog that tackles on being in motherhood, all topics relevant to women, in general and as individual. I write about the struggles and journeys every mother has; the what, the how, and the why, the lessons and self-reflection as well. Aside from that, I also write about  sports, new adventures and travels, diy arts and crafts, other hobbies which include baking and cooking, and even reviews. So basically, it’ll give you a bit of everything. I hope that this blog can be both inspirational and informative to everyone with interest (though this blog is just starting up, I assure you’ll enjoy and learn as well).

Originally from Balamban, a darling province of Cebu (known as the Queen City of the South). I haven’t traveled a lot of places yet, but don’t worry traveling is on my list now. So hopefully I can go places and share it with you. Currently living in Balamban and is devoted to good motherhood and side line businesses. I used to write blogs but I lost track on my previous blogs so I rested, and now I’m back for good. Other than fulfilling mother duties, I love writing, I love wines and cocktail drinks,  I also love buying and collecting ridiculous amounts of cheap jewelry. I am also fond of cooking, baking, and pastries. More so, I love street foods like tempura, kwek-kwek, fish balls, squid rolls, siomai, balot etc.(you’ll know more about these foods later on). Oh, what I love the most is crafting, you’ll definitely see more of diy arts and crafts on this blog.

The ‘A Little Bit of Everything’ is not like most other blogs you can find on the internet- my posts are not in any way chronological and I’ll probably you’ll also see a DIARY BLOG which will tackle a lot about life’s struggles, experiences, happy and sad moments, the ups and downs, the coping process, and the recovery. Basically, it’s about random things that we usually have and do in our daily life, and or just occasionally. I hope to inspire you in every step of motherhood journey, and may it be a good source of life’s lessons and self-reflections. My goal is to create a fun, interactive website centered on all motherhood stands for: struggles, happiness, hobbies, social relationships, money-making and parenting tips and strategies, and new outlooks on life. This blog is solely for stories, yours and mine.

I love it when people express their opinions and thoughts about the topics, share their insights and ideas as well. Looking forward to get to know more people in the blogosphere.

You can  reach me at It’s me Happymom418!


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